European Ocean Biodiversity Information System

EurOBIS point locations EurOBIS - the European Node
of the international Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS) - publishes distribution data on marine species, collected within European marine waters or collected by European researchers
outside European marine waters.
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EurOBIS currently holds:
1,251 datasets
of which 591 datasets published with DOI
30,020,686 occurrence records
53,518,966 extended Measurement Or Facts (eMoF) records
25,365,508 quality controlled records (84% QC'd)
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Latest additions & updates

[2022-12-09] North Sea Benthos Survey (16,846 records) [update] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] LifeWatch observatory data: zooplankton observations in the Belgian... (8,251 records) [update] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Assessment of Zooplankton in the area of Prestige oil tanker accident (3,020 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Planktonic Production Cycles and their Relationship with Fishing... (17,266 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Polychaetes from major ports in Greece in 2020-2021 (376 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] The marine algae of Alexandria. II. A study of the occurrence of some... (9 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Dutch long-term monitoring of microzooplankton in the Dutch... (24,151 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Dutch coast monitoring - Natuurlijk Veilig: Spisula survey (21,842 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] Dutch coast monitoring - Natuurlijk Veilig: Texel (J. van Dalfsen) (8,572 records) [new] [metadata]
[2022-12-09] HELCOM/OSPAR Germany ports water sampling (5,736 records) [new] [metadata]

Species documented for the first time in EurOBIS

[2022-12-06]Paroediceros curvirostris (Hansen, 1888)[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Ampelisca uncinata Chevreux, 1887[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Rhachotropis northriana d'Udekem d'Acoz, Vader & Legezinska, 2007[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Leucothoe vaderotti Krapp-Schickel, 2018[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Rhachotropis tumida G.O. Sars, 1893 accepted as Rhachotropis inflata (G.O. Sars, 1883)[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Lepechinella victoriae Johansen & Vader, 2015[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Byblis medialis Mills, 1971[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Heteromesus dentatus Hansen, 1916[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Oecidiobranchus plebejum (Hansen, 1916)[map][WoRMS]
[2022-12-06]Cyclotrichium gigas Fauré-Frémiet, 1924[map][WoRMS]

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