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Dutch long term monitoring of phytoplankton in the Dutch Continental Economical Zone of the North Sea (2000-2018)
Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherland; (2018). Dutch long term monitoring of phytoplankton in the Dutch Continental Economical Zone of the North Sea.
Contact: van der Heijden, Luuk

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Long term measurements of phytoplankton composition in the Dutch national part of the North Sea. Samples were taken 12 - 24 times per year between 2000 and 2018 and analysed to the level of genus, species, or other taxon group. The dataset has been used for assessment of the marine environment and habitat quality in the scope of the OSPAR Quality Status Reports and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Currently, there are known issues concerning the quality of the data caused by changes in analytic procedures and labs. When more information is available, this will be published through EMODnet. The monitoring is directed and the dataset is maintained by Rijkswaterstaat, the executing body of the Dutch Ministery for Infrastructure and Environment. Publication of the dataset has been facilitated by Deltares, The Netherlands.

Biology > Plankton > Phytoplankton
Marine/Coastal, Long-term monitoring, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, MSFD, ANE, Netherlands, Dutch Continental Shelf, EurOBIS calculated BBOX, Cercozoa, Charophyta, Chlorophyta, Choanozoa, Ciliophora, Cryptophyta, Cyanobacteria, Euglenozoa, Haptophyta, Heterokonta, Myzozoa, Ochrophyta

Geographical coverage
ANE, Netherlands, Dutch Continental Shelf [Marine Regions]
EurOBIS calculated BBOX Stations
Bounding Box
Coordinates: MinLong: 2,6791; MinLat: 51,3465 - MaxLong: 7,1567; MaxLat: 55,1709 [WGS84]

Temporal coverage
1 January 2000 - 31 December 2018

Taxonomic coverage
Cercozoa [WoRMS]
Charophyta [WoRMS]
Chlorophyta [WoRMS]
Choanozoa [WoRMS]
Ciliophora [WoRMS]
Cryptophyta [WoRMS]
Cyanobacteria [WoRMS]
Euglenozoa [WoRMS]
Haptophyta [WoRMS]
Heterokonta [WoRMS]
Myzozoa [WoRMS]
Ochrophyta [WoRMS]


Abundance of biological entity specified elsewhere per unit volume of the water body [BODC]
Count (in assayed sample) of biological entity specified elsewhere [BODC]
Development stage of biological entity specified elsewhere [BODC]
Volume of sample [BODC]

Deltares; Unit Marine and Coastal Systems (DELTARES-ZKS)data manager
van der Heijden, Luuk
Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat; Rijkswaterstaat (RWS)data creator

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Data origin: Monitoring: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2020-11-10
Information last updated: 2020-11-10
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