European Ocean Biogeographic Information System

EurOBIS - the European Node
of the international Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) - publishes distribution data on marine species, collected within European marine waters or collected by European researchers
outside European marine waters.
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EurOBIS currently holds:
655 datasets
18,701,001 occurrence records
16,252,239 quality controlled records (87%)

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Latest additions & updates

[2015-03-27] COLETA - IMAR/DOP-UAz Reference Collection from 1977 to 2012 (7,270 records) [new] [metadata]
[2015-03-09] Microzooplankton North Adriatic-Gulf of Trieste LTER time-series (3,943 records) [new] [metadata]
[2015-03-04] Macrobenthos North Adriatic-INTERREG-FVG Project (1,131 records) [new] [metadata]
[2015-03-03] Zooplankton monitoring in the Belgian Part of the North Sea (3,708 records) [new] [metadata]
[2015-03-02] MAREANO - Base-line mapping of hyperbenthic crustacea fauna obtained... (6,074 records) [update] [metadata]
[2015-03-02] MAREANO - Base-line mapping of fauna obtained with grab (11,760 records) [update] [metadata]
[2015-03-02] MAREANO - Base-line mapping of epifauna obtained with Beamtrawl (7,338 records) [update] [metadata]
[2015-03-02] Microzooplankton North Adriatic-ALPE ADRIA Project (495 records) [update] [metadata]
[2015-02-13] POPA- Fisheries Observer Program of the Azores: Marine mammal... (600 records) [new] [metadata]
[2015-02-13] POPA- Fisheries Observer Program of the Azores: Seabird sightings in... (44,130 records) [new] [metadata]

Species documented for the first time in EurOBIS

[2015-03-27]Megabalanus azoricus (Pilsbry, 1916)[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Schizomavella cuspidata (Hincks, 1880) accepted as Schizomavella cornuta (Heller, 1867)[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Reteporella mediterranea Hass, 1948[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Zoobotryon verticillatum (Delle Chiaje, 1822)[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Crisia occidentalis Trask, 1857[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Nemertesia norvegica (Sars, 1873)[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Arbaciella elegans Mortensen, 1910[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Gaidropsarus granti (Regan, 1903)[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Pinna rudis Linnaeus, 1758[map][WoRMS]
[2015-03-27]Hildenbrandia crouanii J. Agardh, 1852 accepted as Hildenbrandia crouaniorum J.Agardh, 1851[map][WoRMS]