European Ocean Biogeographic Information System

EurOBIS - the European Node
of the international Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) - publishes distribution data on marine species, collected within European marine waters or collected by European researchers
outside European marine waters.
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EurOBIS currently holds:
620 datasets
18,501,566 distribution records
15,994,589 quality controlled records (86%)

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Latest additions & updates

[2014-10-31] IMR Juvenile fish monitoring (5,613 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] MAREANO - Base-line mapping of hyperbenthic crustacea fauna obtained... (5,765 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] MAREANO - Base-line mapping of epifauna obtained with Beamtrawl (8,525 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] IMR Zooplankton Norwegian Sea (78,689 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] IMR Zooplankton North Sea (8,048 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] Eastern Mediterranean Syllidae from three locations in Crete and... (997 records) [update] [metadata]
[2014-10-16] IMR Zooplankton Barents Sea (21,193 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-09-11] Polish Monitoring Programme - Monitoring of the Baltic Sea:... (14,222 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-09-09] Allis Shad (Alosa alosa) distribution for Scotland, historical to... (234 records) [new] [metadata]
[2014-09-09] University of Málaga: MGC - Algae (628 records) [new] [metadata]

Species documented for the first time in EurOBIS

[2014-10-31]Acanthocottus scorpius (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Myoxocephalus scorpius (Linnaeus, 1758)[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-31]Merlangus merlangus (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Merlangius merlangus (Linnaeus, 1758)[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-31]Pholis gunellus (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Pholis gunnellus (Linnaeus, 1758)[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Haploops tenuis Kanneworff, 1966[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Amphilochopsis hamatus Stephensen, 1925[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Gitana rostrata Boeck, 1871[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Gitanopsis arctica Sars, 1895[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Gitanopsis inermis (Sars, 1883)[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Unciola crassipes Hansen, 1887[map][WoRMS]
[2014-10-16]Rhachotropis gislii Thurston, 1980[map][WoRMS]