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PANGAEA - Data from European iron enrichment experiment in the Southern Ocean (EISENEX)
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Large protozoa and phytoplankton abundance measured on concentrated water bottle samples. meer

The responses of larger (>50 ┬Ám in diameter) protozooplankton groups to a phytoplankton bloom induced by in situ iron fertilization (EisenEx) in the Polar Frontal Zone (PFZ) of the Southern Ocean in austral spring are presented. During the 21 days of the experiment, samples were collected from seven discrete depths in the upper 150 m inside and outside the fertilized patch for the enumeration of acantharia, foraminifera, radiolaria, heliozoa, tintinnid ciliates and aplastidic thecate dinoflagellates. Additionally, the dynamics of phytoplankton species populations recorded during the 3-week, iron-fertilization experiment EisenEx carried out in spring in the Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone are presented and discussed as the difference between growth and mortality rates

Biologie > Fytoplankton, Biologie > Plankton, Biologie > Zooplankton
Marien, PS, Zuidelijke Oceaan

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PS, Zuidelijke Oceaan [Marine Regions]

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Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar- and Marine Research (AWI), meerdata beheerderdata creator

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PANGAEA: Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science, meer
EurOBIS: European Ocean Biogeographic Information System, meer

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