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Zariquiey Collection. Biological Reference Collections ICM CSIC.
Santos R (2016): Zariquiey Collection. Biological Reference Collections ICM CSIC. Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC).

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The Zariquiey Collection is the collection of crustaceans donated by Dr. Ricardo Zariquiey Alvarez (1897-1965). Dr. Zariquiey Alvarez collaborated with the Fisheries Research Institute of Barcelona (origin of the current ICM), and donated his collection of crustaceans, and the associated library to the Institute. The Zariquiey collection is part of the CBR and is mainly composed by Decapod Crustaceans. meer

Dr. Zariquiey Álvarez, like his father, Dr. Ricardo Zariquiey Cenarro (1870-1943), was a prominent pediatrician and carcinologist. His collection of crustaceans grew with their own personal contributions and with contributions from their international contacts. Dr. Zariquiey Alvarez founded the Group of Carcinologic Studies, with Dr. I. Gordon (British Museum), Dr. J. Monod and Dr. J. Forest (Museum of Natural History, Paris), and Dr. L.B. Holthuis (Museum of Leiden). The best known and studied reference of his works is "Crustáceos Decápodos Ibéricos", published posthumously in 1968. His meticulousness and precision can be seen in the careful conservation of his specimens. He made important taxonomic contributions, including new types. Of the currently catalogued specimens there are types of 5 species. The collection contains specimens mainly from the Western Mediterranean (86%; especially the Catalan Mediterranean) and NE Atlantic (7%; Gulf of Cadiz, Portugal, Galicia, Cantabrian Sea, Bay of Biscay, France, Scandinavia, the British Isles, North Sea). There are also important contributions from other areas of the Mediterranean (Italy) and Atlantic (Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal, Gulf of Guinea, Angola, United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina); and the Red Sea

Biologie > Benthos
Marien, Museum specimens, A, Atlantic, ANE, North East Atlantic, ISW, Red Sea, MED, Italy, MED, Western Mediterranean, Decapoda

Geografische spreiding
A, Atlantic [Marine Regions]
ANE, North East Atlantic [Marine Regions]
ISW, Red Sea [Marine Regions]
MED, Italy [Marine Regions]
MED, Western Mediterranean [Marine Regions]

Spreiding in de tijd
1 Januari 1889 - 5 Maart 1968

Taxonomische spreiding
Decapoda [WoRMS]

Bijdrage door
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas; Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM), meerdata creator

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EurOBIS: European Ocean Biogeographic Information System, meer

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Data oorsprong: Museum collectie
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